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Team OPENMYICLOUD is up for a new challange. With the new iOS 12 released and our OPEN MY ICLOUD Unlocker Tool being outdated we decided to bring back the OPENMY ICLOUD Server (iCloud Unlock Server) in combination with a NEW OPEN MY ICLOUD Tool 2021 (iCloud Bypass Tool) that will unlock any iOS device on any iOS version simply by connecting your iCloud locked iPhone or iPad with iTunes during the activation process.

How it works? You can bypass the iCloud activation lock with the OpenMyIcloud Activator Tool. It's easy to use and all you need to do is have your device connected to iTunes and download OPEN MY ICLOUD 2021 Fore free you have to complete one survey. After downloading follow our instructions to unlock your device in iTunes.

Our unlock method is 100% legal and free, but before you can get our OPEN MY ICLOUD 2019 Free we need to fund the server costs. You can help us by completing a survey .

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Free iCloud Unlock service for iPhone, iPad and iPod

OPEN MY ICLOUD is the one and only real iCloud unlock server that works on all iOS devices. Our iCloud unlock method uses a mirror activation server that activates your iPhone/iPad/iPod when connected to iTunes. It's 100% free and works on Mac, Linux and Windows.

Difference between OPEN MY ICLOUD Unlocker TOOL and OPEN MY ICLOUD Server Activator:

OPEN MY ICLOUD Server Activator

OPEN MY ICLOUD Server Activator is our own bypass server that communicates with your iPhone,Ipadn,Ipod and iTunes and is only available ONLINE with a pre-registration and server IP.


Download Download OPEN MY ICLOUD Server Activator for Windows and Mac for free: OPEN MY ICLOUD Server Activator 2021.


Open My icloud software for iCloud unlock tool live again 2021.
Get Premium and help us to get the server more strong without problems.
Once our goal is reached we will make icloud unlock server free for life time.
You will get a priority on our BETA activation list.

Looking for the OPENMYICLOUD unlock tool for Windows and Mac? Download OPEN MY ICLOUD 2021 here.

1. Trial

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  • Manual Updates
  • Unlock by IMEI
  • Unlock upto 1 Device(s)
  • VPN Proxy System
  • 72 Hours to unlock
  • Customer Support : NO
  • Once completed a direct download link will be sent to your inbox.
* Complete one free survey or offer to receive the OpenMyicloud unlocker tool for free.

2. Personal License

Get Open My Icloud Personal Version

$25 (per device)

or more Automatic Updates

  • Unlock via USB & IMEI
  • Unlock upto 2 Devices
  • VPS Proxy Servers
  • Chat & Email Support
  • 2-3 Hours to unlock
  • Customer Support : YES
  • We will go live once our donation goal is reached. Help us today!
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2. Business License

Get Open My icloud Business License

Automatic Updates)

50% discount per renewal

  • Unlock via USB & IMEI
  • Unlock upto 100 Devices
  • Dedicated Proxies
  • Chat, Email & Phone Support 24/24 7/7
  • 10 devices per day
  • 5 min to unlock
  • We will go live once goal is reached. Help us today!
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